Lamination Services

Lamination - by Elite Printing Press Karachi

Laminate printed sheets to add protection and durability.

3-mil plastic lamination protects printing from water, grease and dirt.

Lamination services are like an extended warranty for your print project. Laminating encases your printed sheets in a durable, sturdy plastic coating. This protects menus, instruction sheets and other heavy-use print materials from moisture, tearing and grime.


Benefits of print lamination:

  1. Durable 3-mil plastic laminate (per side) adds weight, rigidity and waterproof protection.
  2. Laminated printing resists wear, tear, grease, liquids and more.
  3. Gloss-like sheen preserves color vibrance & photo quality.
Lamination - by Elite Printing Press Karachi

What print laminating services do you offer?

For basic single-sheet lamination, fill in your job details on the Quote/Order form to see your pricing. Choose from a wide range of sizes to create laminated flyers, menus, bookmarks and more.

Laminated pages and covers are also popular for technical training books, school yearbooks, cookbooks and other bound materials that require more protection.

Lamination Printing FAQ

Our laminate is 3mil per side, or 6mil total. (We do not offer single-sided laminating)

A “mil” is 1/1,000th of an inch, or .001″.

Our 100# Cover Smooth is about 13.5mil. Adding lamination to this paper would make the total thickness effectively 19mil.

Laminating adds thickness, durability and waterproof protection to your print product. Order print laminating services to achieve:

  • Thickness and rigidity
  • Scratch resistance
  • Waterproof and tearproof
  • Easy cleaning without damaging the print

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